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Tuesday, July 26, 2005

New Link: Nuages de Swing - Play-a-long Tracks

Here's a new addition to the links list: Nauges de Swing
This a french-language, Django-oriented site, and has really great play-a-long tracks. Click on the "Playback & Grilles" tab. There is a long list of tunes and you can click for the chords, or "grilles", or stream rhythm tracks as mp3's or real media.

The tracks are well played in the proper gypsy, "le pompe" style, and have some arrangment. There are breaks, and changes in dynamics, endings, etc. They're perfect for practicing leads over, since it has stuff for the soloist to respond to.

Be aware that the chords are in the modern gypsy jazz vocabulary, which is not exactly the same as the swing vocabulary. For example "Dark Eyes" (or rather "Les Yeux Noir") has the Bb in the 7th bar rather than A7. "Dinah" goes to the IV7 in the 2nd bar, etc. So just be ready for tunes with some slightly hipper changes. Still, despite the modern changes, this is a great resource.


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